Bulb problems

Crikey, it’s been one of those fortnights were bulbs, the electrical variety, have been giving me aggravation !!!

Firstly, my car’s driver’s side headlamp bulb blew. I changed it and the passenger one blew 4 days later !!! Karen’s car was next, popping her drivers side headlamp bulb.

Then one of the under-cupboard unit bulbs blew in my kitchen, and I’ve yet to find a replacement for this one. Then in the space of two days, two of the spotlights in the kitchen blew, so now it’s like the black hole of Calcutta in there as it’s so dark !!!

And then, this week, the day before we had a plumber coming round to give us an estimate for some work in the bathroom, the bulb blew in there too !!!

So, guess what BP will be doing tomorrow ??? Yup, a trip to the DIY store and the car spare shop !!! Lucky me….

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Not a lot going on at Chez Pixel. I’ve started getting up a little earlier each day, sort of preparing myself for the eventaulity of getting back to work again. I think I must be getting better as even getting out of bed earlier, I’m no more tired than usual at the end of the day. Living the quiet life though isn’t really for me. I’m ready, or maybe even need to get back to work. How my neighbour can sit indoors all day and everyday I have no idea.

Another sign that I’m on the mend is that my creative juices seem to be flowing again and I’ve started back on my novel again, and a couple of short stories too and even rhymes have started popping into my thoughts. I don’t even pretend to be a novelist or a poet, but I do enjoy playing with words.

One program I do enjoy watching while at home though, is Miami Ink. Some of the tattoos these guys produce are amazing. Real works of art. I have one very small tattoo on my right arm of my name. I don’t regret having it done. But I can honestly say it hurt sooooo much. The outline was ok. But when the guy started colouring it in…. Jeeez, that hurt. It was like a prolonged burning. I very near fainted !!

Well, I think it’s time for a brew… and maybe a Digestive or too !!


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Out and about…

Overall a quiet weekend. I ventured out on Saturday to our local shops, I wanted to get some fresh air and also fancied a walk just to stretch the legs !! On the way to the car my next-door-but-one neighbour spoke asking how I was which was nice. We don’t see a lot of the neighbours really, working full-time you tend to pass the time of day on the way to or from work and that’s about it. It’s sad, but I don’t even know this guys name… awful I know. His wife works in our local Wilkinsons and is usually very curt, almost to the point of being rude, but he always speaks, especially as he washes his car EVERY Saturday morning. Turns out he had a heart attack when he was 32 !!!! Blimey. So for ages he was unable to work. We stood and chatted for about fifteen minutes. We then drove into town, pottered around the shops for a while, I got a new mechanical pencil in Smiths as I was missing the ones I had left on my desk !! Karen then went to the gym and I treated Charlotte and I to a coffee in Costa Coffee. While I was in hospital that was the one thing that I craved more than anything, a large, hot, frothy, Latte…. just the thought of it drove me insane !!!

Mmmmmm, coffee....

Mmmmmm, coffee....

We then bumped into a couple that we used to see a lot of before she had to wrestle with an alcohol problem and she dropped all her friends and became a virtual hermit. She’s fine now, but we don’t see much of them. They’d heard I’d been poorly and we chatted for ages, catching up etc.  When we finally got back I’d been out for almost two hours and I felt fine. Not tired in the slightest which I think must be a sign I’m getting stronger and better.

Sunday was pretty quiet, Karen and Charlotte popped over to see her Mum. She’s recovering well from her Op’.  And I cooked dinner. We then spent the afternoon on the Wii that we got for Christmas.I never got in to game playing, but it’s such good family fun on the Wii I’ve become a convert.

Well, it’s time for a coffee… not a Latte sadly….

Have a good week bloggers…


I’m a lover of pencils mechanical,

No sharpening, never-ending, they are simply magical.

But away from my desk, I’ve no pencil, it’s tragical,

as Biro’s don’t cut it for work that’s all technical.

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I’ve been intrigued by a show on BBC2, Million Dollar Traders, where eight people are given a million dollar hedge fund to play with, a couple of weeks training and then let loose on the ‘market’ to do their best.

A couple of the expected high-flyers, on paper at least, have shown to be truly awful. The pensioner who dabbled with shares and fancied a new life as a trader has an uncanny knack of being able to back certain loosers with amazing accuracy and is loosing money hand over fist.  The super graduate who had a great analytical grasp of the market lost her bottle when her first trade nose-dived and has since not traded anything being too nervous of loosing her money.

Last night’s second show raised the interesting topic of ethics. One guy is trying to trade 100% ethically, another is seeing that dealing in arms and military companies is proving very profitable. The question raised by the ethical guy was is just because a trade is ‘legal’ and government approved does it mean it’s ethical? Is everything fair game in the sole pursuit of profit? Interesting stuff.

One guy hoped that by getting an ‘insiders’ view of being a trader, he’d change his mind about them, but he’s found that it’s only hardened his views still further about his distaste of people making money on the back of other peoples suffering purely in the search for profit.

Great program.

Have a great day guys.


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Christmas Roses…

Of course, one of the downsides to being in hospital over Christmas is the fact that you actually miss Christmas which is really tough.

I thought I’d be OK with it as my family would be in to visit me early evening with a promise of a cracker and a portion of ‘real’ Christmas pudding and Brandy Sauce. But…. it was way tougher than I ever expected it to be. Of course, the ward was devoid of decorations and waking at 6:00 a.m. to a bright sunny morning was not a good start. Despite wishing my fellow ward dwellers a happy Christmas with lots of hugs and hand shaking, there was just no sign of that elusive festive spirit.

There was a glimpse of it with my ‘elevenses’ as they gave us a slice of Christmas cake with our coffee, sadly it was stodgy and tasteless which sort of killed off that tiny glimmer of festive spirit.

Dinner was a truly dire attempt at a Christmas dinner and despite the pulling of crackers and wearing a party hat and sharing our motto’s I felt hollow, empty and very sad inside. After dinner I retired to my bed with a grump as visitors arrived feeling very sorry for myself. Totally selfish? Hmmm, yeah, maybe a little. But suddenly, Rob, the guy in the bed on my left had a posse of visitors arrive and his daughter Emma was standing by my bed with a present. She said it wasn’t much, but wanted me to have something on the day, something to unwrap. I was gob-smacked. I thanked her with a kiss and a tear in my eye as I unwrapped a box of Cadbury’s Roses. I was truly choked. Choked with Christmas spirit I think. Thanks Emma for filling me with Christmas spirit. I’ll never forget it.

I opened my box of Rose’s today and felt a rush of happiness welling up inside, feeling very emotional as I remembered the day I was given them. And I didn’t even mind when the first one I pulled out was an Orange Cream =:oP which is my least favourite of all, but despite that it tasted good.

A belated Happy Christmas guys.

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Another week…

A quiet weekend marked out by only one momentous event….. my first trip out !!! Charlotte my daughter is teaching one of our friends daughters the saxophone so I decided to join her and my wife for the visit. Our friend Alison was delighted to see me and had actually baked a cake !!! This is a great honour indeed as Alison NEVER bakes anything, preferring to select he cakes from the shelves of M&S instead. So I showed my appreciation and enjoyed TWO slices of her triple layered Victoria sponge.

It felt odd being out of doors. I think spending weeks confined to indoors has somehow limited my visual horizons to just the four walls, be it the hospital of my house. But once out doors there’s no limit to the horizon… so it felt kind of strange to have so  much space around me. Nice, but odd.

Oh, my check-up went well on Thursday eevning. Dr Neville was very pleased with my progress. I have to keep taking the penicillin, and slowly increase doing more stuff, hence the trip out on Saturday. All in all it’s still moving in the right direction =:0)

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Quiet day

Another quiet day here at Pixel Towers. I checked my email over a large coffee and “This Morning”, nothing much in my in-box today and no funnies either which was dissapointing. I’m not becoming a fan of day time TV at all… it’s all rubbish. One thing I’ve found is that when you could really do with a good afternoon movie being on, there’s never anything to watch !!! Even with Virgin cable and my finger tips there’s a gazillion channels of rubbish on. At least it gives me a chance to re-watch some of my  favourite DVD’s I guess… now where’s that copy of “Field Of Dreams” ????

I’m going to be ‘naughty’ this afternoon and change a headlight bulb in my car that has been one-eyed all during my hospitalization, causing my wife, Karen, to be flashed at constantly by concerned drivers coming the other way !!! I know she’ll tell me off for doing it, but it’s not too physical or too taxing so I don’t think it’ll wear me out.

I also have my first check-up this evening over at the private hospital, Spire in Havant, with my Respiratory Consultant Dr Neville. He’s a really, really nice guy. He talks facts, which being an engineer I like and can digest. Karen isn’t that taken with him, she says he’s nice, but says so long as he’s patching me up good and quick he’s OK. So it’ll be an x-ray followed by lots of  ‘breath in’ ‘breath out’. Fingers crossed it’ll be another step in the right direction. I popped in to my GP on Tuesday to get another sick-note and a repeat prescription for another mountain of Amoxicillin, we chatted about how poorly I’d been and passed pleasantries, but she didn’t listen to my chest or even take my blood pressure of temperature !!! I thought it odd, but maybe she was leaving all the ‘treatment’ to my consultant? It just seemed odd.



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