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Through a strange connection of Facebook links through my daughter Charlie’s endless friends, I tracked down the daughter of one of the guys I was next to in the ward when I was in hospital. I messaged her saying “Hi…” … Continue reading

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First week over.

That’s it, I’ve survived my first week back at work. HURRAH !!!! OK, so it was only half days, but it was pretty darned tiring I must admit. I think fitness is something that we all take for granted. Even … Continue reading

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Green shoots…

For years and years and years I’ve tried, and failed miserably at, growing Bonsai trees. I’ve brought several of them, had them given to me as gifts on several occasions , tried sprouting them from cuttings of bushes and plants … Continue reading

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So wrong…

While shopping yesterday my daughter slipped a bag of crisps into the trolley as we shopped… not an unusual occurance by any means, but the flavour of the aforementioned crisps was so weird, Strawberry & Sweet Chilli. STRAWBERRY flavour crisps … Continue reading

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The final countdown….

Despite being given the all clear last Monday, I still had to finish off the antibiotics I was taking, which up to this last dose has been a total of 540 capsules !!! I’m surprised I didn’t rattle taking all … Continue reading

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Good news !!!

I had my check up with Mr Neville the consultant last night and he’s given me the all clear !!! The x-ray last night showed a huge improvement, not perfect, but good enough to finish the antibiotics and start thinking … Continue reading

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Like the rest of the country I awoke to a blanket of the white stuff this morning, but I didn’t have the luxury of a lie-in this morning as I had to drive Karen to school as she is off … Continue reading

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