Green shoots…

For years and years and years I’ve tried, and failed miserably at, growing Bonsai trees.

I’ve brought several of them, had them given to me as gifts on several occasions , tried sprouting them from cuttings of bushes and plants and even tried several attempts at growing them from seed but all sadly to no avail. Each time I try, they just curl up and die mysteriously.

But once again I’ve been tempted into giving it another bash after visiting our new IKEA store in Southampton on Thursday evening. A huge display by the escalator of general ‘greenery’ revealed a small section of Bonsais, all of them of unnamed heritage and all in various conditions. I rummaged through the boxes eventually choosing the less bedraggled looking of them, or what I thought looked OK. It’s now fully watered and sitting on my kitchen window sill. Fingers crossed it’ll continue to bud.

Yet another Bonsai...

Yet another Bonsai...

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7 Responses to Green shoots…

  1. angelashe says:

    Ahh, the new ikea. Were you one of the insane ones who camped outside on opening day?

    *sorry popped over from divastar’s blog ;)*

  2. Camping outside ??? Oh no !!! It was busy enough after it had been open a week, so Lord knows what it must have been like on the day !!

  3. Flighty says:

    Bonsai have always fascinated me but I’ve never tried it! Perhaps one day I will. Meantime I’ll be interested to see if you succeed this time!

  4. angelashe says:

    It was pretty manic when I went in at 3pm on the day they opened! It’s like a one way street with no way out!!!!!
    Anyhoo, on the bonsai, It looks very nice, I hope it grows well! just don’t forget to water it! lol

  5. angelashe : You’re a braver shopper than I am… 3pm on the opening day… phew, that’s above and beyond the call of duty. Are you ‘local’ to IKEA then? I live near Portsmouth.
    As for the Bonsai, I’ve watered it TWICE and it’s still looking OK.

  6. nikkipolani says:

    I’ve attended a little seminar on training bonsai, but I don’t think I could keep one alive and well trained…. So best of luck to you! You mentioned budding — is it an azalea?

  7. Bonsai are a bit of a challenge, but I’ll give it another go. I’m not sure what it is, the label just says “Bonsai – various” so I’ll just have to watch and see.

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