The final countdown….

Despite being given the all clear last Monday, I still had to finish off the antibiotics I was taking, which up to this last dose has been a total of 540 capsules !!! I’m surprised I didn’t rattle taking all that lot !!!

So, the picture below is my final dose of four Amoxicillin capsules… this is the final dose. From here on, I’m medication free !!! Whooppee !!!!

My final dose...

My final dose...

Other news from Chez Pixel….

As a treat and a huge thank-you for looking after me over the last couple of months, I’ve packed my daughter Charlie and my other half off to a nearby hotel spa for a night away for some much needed R&R and pampering.

Charlie is still looking for permanent work and her part-time music lessons are looking dodgy too as the couple that run it are having trouble paying the rates and the electric, plus the new contracts they’ve been asked to sign are extremely dodgy and not well written or even legal so we’ve been told. They also include a strange clause charging them for advertising the business !!!  Hmmm… strange.

I’m still keenly awaiting my go-ahead for getting back to work. My HR lady Angela is arranging a meeting with our occupational health nurse before letting me back on the premises… as yet I’ve not had a date. =:o(

As a treat, seeing as I’m all on my Jack Jones tonight, I popped down to Krispy Kreme for a swift Latte and a couple of Original Glazed do-nuts !!! Yum yum…


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5 Responses to The final countdown….

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Ah. I see you’re on a health food kick 😉
    Good for you for sending off your wife and daughter. As for the amoxicillin — blech! That’s A LOT of pills. I’m surprised your digestive system is surviving 540 of those.

  2. nikki You’re right, I do try to keep a balanced diet 🙂
    I was advised by the pharmacist to eat plenty of pro-biotic yoghurt to help keep my digestive system in order. It seems to have worked as I had no adverse affects from all those antibiotics.
    Cheers BP.

  3. daffy says:

    Your certainly a good way down that recovery path! I bet you are looking forward to getting back to work. I know we think we are glad to be away but if it’s in us to work then we hate being away too long.

  4. You’re right there Daffy, I’m so looking forward to getting back to work.

  5. Divastar says:

    You’re on the the home straight! That’s fab news 🙂 xx

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