Like the rest of the country I awoke to a blanket of the white stuff this morning, but I didn’t have the luxury of a lie-in this morning as I had to drive Karen to school as she is off on a school residential. After brushing the car clean and cautiously tip-toeing off the estate, the main roads were clear and the journey to school was easy.

But…… I made the silly mistake of not retracing my route home, choosing to exit the school car park  by turning left instead of right, thinking that I’d avoid the approaching wave of Mum’s delivering their little kiddy-winks to school.
WRONG !!!!
It was like a skating rink… you could see the road shining like polished glass !!!
Slowly reaching the end of the road, I needed to take a left turn to go back down the hill to pick up the main road, which I knew to be clear. But with cars gliding side-ways across the road, a shunt in the middle of the cross-roads and a builders lorry spinning it’s wheels and zig-zagging back down the hill, I felt a tad nervous as I made the turn.
Slowly I tippy-toed down the hill with only one sideways slip. PHEW, I’d made it !!!
My heart was pounding I can tell you.

I tried to warn a fellow driver turning into the road that it was lethal, but as he was driving a monster BMW X5, he obviously thought he was impervious to such perils. I looked in my rear-view mirror to see him slipping sideways across the road. It was good, in an odd way, to see these people in their monster 4×4’s, those ones that drive like they own the road, careering across the ice like everyone else, wheels locked, out of control !!! HA !!!
Further along the main road, one huge Mercedes 4×4, driven by a tiny behatted woman, almost skidded out onto the main road, but JUST found some grip as it slowly spun sideways, pirouetting gracefully backwards down the hill, stopping just short of the traffic !!!

One of my chums from my old place of work dropped by earlier today,  he’s lending me the first DVD of the Jason Bourne trilogy of films, which I’m catching up with, but in reverse order !!! Harry and I caught the Bourne Ultimatum on TV after I came home from hospital. I found the Bourne Supremacy for £3 in Asda’s last week, which I watched at the weekend, which leaves me only the Bourne Identity to catch up with.

Great, great action movies. Very Bond-esque…. and very enjoyable too.

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2 Responses to Skating…

  1. Flighty says:

    Some drivers of such vehicles don’t have a clue do they!
    That’s a good trilogy of films, watched in the right order! Cheers.

  2. I intend to catch up with the exploits of Mr Bourne only this time in the correct chronological order !!!

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