Bulb problems

Crikey, it’s been one of those fortnights were bulbs, the electrical variety, have been giving me aggravation !!!

Firstly, my car’s driver’s side headlamp bulb blew. I changed it and the passenger one blew 4 days later !!! Karen’s car was next, popping her drivers side headlamp bulb.

Then one of the under-cupboard unit bulbs blew in my kitchen, and I’ve yet to find a replacement for this one. Then in the space of two days, two of the spotlights in the kitchen blew, so now it’s like the black hole of Calcutta in there as it’s so dark !!!

And then, this week, the day before we had a plumber coming round to give us an estimate for some work in the bathroom, the bulb blew in there too !!!

So, guess what BP will be doing tomorrow ??? Yup, a trip to the DIY store and the car spare shop !!! Lucky me….

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One Response to Bulb problems

  1. Flighty says:

    Typical! It’s so annoying when that happens. I hope that you got them all sorted yesterday.

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