Out and about…

Overall a quiet weekend. I ventured out on Saturday to our local shops, I wanted to get some fresh air and also fancied a walk just to stretch the legs !! On the way to the car my next-door-but-one neighbour spoke asking how I was which was nice. We don’t see a lot of the neighbours really, working full-time you tend to pass the time of day on the way to or from work and that’s about it. It’s sad, but I don’t even know this guys name… awful I know. His wife works in our local Wilkinsons and is usually very curt, almost to the point of being rude, but he always speaks, especially as he washes his car EVERY Saturday morning. Turns out he had a heart attack when he was 32 !!!! Blimey. So for ages he was unable to work. We stood and chatted for about fifteen minutes. We then drove into town, pottered around the shops for a while, I got a new mechanical pencil in Smiths as I was missing the ones I had left on my desk !! Karen then went to the gym and I treated Charlotte and I to a coffee in Costa Coffee. While I was in hospital that was the one thing that I craved more than anything, a large, hot, frothy, Latte…. just the thought of it drove me insane !!!

Mmmmmm, coffee....

Mmmmmm, coffee....

We then bumped into a couple that we used to see a lot of before she had to wrestle with an alcohol problem and she dropped all her friends and became a virtual hermit. She’s fine now, but we don’t see much of them. They’d heard I’d been poorly and we chatted for ages, catching up etc.  When we finally got back I’d been out for almost two hours and I felt fine. Not tired in the slightest which I think must be a sign I’m getting stronger and better.

Sunday was pretty quiet, Karen and Charlotte popped over to see her Mum. She’s recovering well from her Op’.  And I cooked dinner. We then spent the afternoon on the Wii that we got for Christmas.I never got in to game playing, but it’s such good family fun on the Wii I’ve become a convert.

Well, it’s time for a coffee… not a Latte sadly….

Have a good week bloggers…


I’m a lover of pencils mechanical,

No sharpening, never-ending, they are simply magical.

But away from my desk, I’ve no pencil, it’s tragical,

as Biro’s don’t cut it for work that’s all technical.

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5 Responses to Out and about…

  1. Flighty says:

    A quiet weekend like that will have done you the world of good as I’m sure you appreciate.
    I started my working life as a draughtsman and have used mechanical pencils ever since! I like the ditty about them!
    Take care and have a good week.

  2. You just can’t beat a good mechanical pencil can you? My current favourite is a Rotring Tikky. During my schooling I wanted to be a draughtsman, spending hours and hours practicing with books from the library etc. But my careers advisor cut me dead by saying I wasn’t taking the right exams, he didn’t offer me any solution to my problem though, just telling me I couldn’t do it. So my burgeoning draughting career died right there. During my career in electronics I’ve got the same buzz out of designing PCB’s etc on CAD systems. Not quite the same, but near enough. But the pencil ‘thing’ is still there. Maybe that’s where it originated?
    So what did you draw Flighty?

  3. nikkipolani says:

    Funny, I wanted to get into “computer aided drawing” when I was in school because there was no graphic design at the time aside from CAD. Took a drafting class and eventually computer classes (as programs such as PageMaker and PhotoShop emerged). I still have a handful of the old Rotring lead holders.

    Glad you’re beginning to feel better and are getting out. My dear neighbor has just moved up north to be with her family (she’s 92 and her husband just passed away in early December). It’s nice when you can get to know your neighbors.

  4. Flighty says:

    Nothing exiting just things like various bits of metal with holes and slots in! I didn’t do it long as I then started writing test reports and technical manuals.
    I still have a couple of Pentel P205’s which I used at one time, and which I see are still available!

  5. I see, just bits of old metal with holes in =:o)
    Sounds way too technical Flighty… LOL.
    P205’s are a true classic and I have three of my own, two in black and one in blue and still used on a regular basis. I think I’ll have to leave one in my laptop bag, then I’ll have one ‘to hand’ at all times.

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