Quiet day

Another quiet day here at Pixel Towers. I checked my email over a large coffee and “This Morning”, nothing much in my in-box today and no funnies either which was dissapointing. I’m not becoming a fan of day time TV at all… it’s all rubbish. One thing I’ve found is that when you could really do with a good afternoon movie being on, there’s never anything to watch !!! Even with Virgin cable and my finger tips there’s a gazillion channels of rubbish on. At least it gives me a chance to re-watch some of my  favourite DVD’s I guess… now where’s that copy of “Field Of Dreams” ????

I’m going to be ‘naughty’ this afternoon and change a headlight bulb in my car that has been one-eyed all during my hospitalization, causing my wife, Karen, to be flashed at constantly by concerned drivers coming the other way !!! I know she’ll tell me off for doing it, but it’s not too physical or too taxing so I don’t think it’ll wear me out.

I also have my first check-up this evening over at the private hospital, Spire in Havant, with my Respiratory Consultant Dr Neville. He’s a really, really nice guy. He talks facts, which being an engineer I like and can digest. Karen isn’t that taken with him, she says he’s nice, but says so long as he’s patching me up good and quick he’s OK. So it’ll be an x-ray followed by lots of  ‘breath in’ ‘breath out’. Fingers crossed it’ll be another step in the right direction. I popped in to my GP on Tuesday to get another sick-note and a repeat prescription for another mountain of Amoxicillin, we chatted about how poorly I’d been and passed pleasantries, but she didn’t listen to my chest or even take my blood pressure of temperature !!! I thought it odd, but maybe she was leaving all the ‘treatment’ to my consultant? It just seemed odd.



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2 Responses to Quiet day

  1. Flighty says:

    As you say daytime TV is rubbish. At this time of year a good afternoon movie now and again would be most welcome. Cheers!

  2. daffy says:

    Movies in the afternoon…must be nice… 😮 Only joking. I’ve got loads if you want any sending down. Wall-E ? ;o

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