Repeat prescription…

Today is to be my first trip ‘outside’ to visit the Doctors to get a repeat prescription for my antibiotics. One of the perks of my job is private health insurance so I was lucky enough to be able to spend the final seven days of my hospital stay in a private hospital near where I live. When I transferred on Boxing Day there was only two of us in the WHOLE hospital. Now THAT’s what I call private treatment.

I was releived to move on one hand as the food was truly dire in the NHS hospital and I was getting no sleep at night and was beginning to get really, really low because of it, but on the other hand I was sad to leave behind my new chums :o( But I needed to look after myself as best I could to get better. One of the downsides to my private health care though is that I have to pay for my prescriptions !!! As yet I’ve not had the bill for them :o(

So today, I’ve been advised to visit my GP to get my repeat prescription on the NHS !!! Cheating maybe ?? It sure feels like it. It feels a little like having my cake and eating it too. But I suppose that as I’ve worked for 32 years maybe I’ve earned my free medication?

Have a grand day fellow bloggers !!!

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2 Responses to Repeat prescription…

  1. nikkipolani says:

    It’s an interesting system, isn’t it? I feel fortunate not to have had to deal with insurance/hospitals much. Hope you are well on the road to recover, though, Steve. And take your meds!

  2. nikki A strange system indeed, especially awkward here as our National Health Service is FREE, but they get a little awkward when you decide to ‘go private’ and pay for things yourself.
    Yup, I’m well on the road to recovery thanks. A few more weeks and I might even get back to working again… well, maybe.

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