Back in old Blighty…

I can’t believe how fast three weeks holiday can whistle past, it’s amazing isn’t it, you spend 49 weeks of the year looking forward to your holiday, then ZAP, it flies past in the blink of an eye.

Good ol’ BA delivered us into LAX a little ahead of schedule, where we negotiated immigration unusually smoothly with the help of a VERY polite and chatty Immigration Officer who was more than happy to offer us advice on places to see and stay during our trip to California. Very rare and most welcome after 11 hours sat on a plane.

Once again California was a pure delight.

The weather was amazing, clear blue skies and warm comfortable temperatures and again Santa Monica Beach was as white and as perfect as it was last year.

The only fly in the ointment that took just a little of the shine off of our first few days was the hotel. Last year the Ramada Hollywood was so nice that it was almost perfect. The room was great, large and airy with an amazingly comfortable bed, a cracking view and the staff were friendly and helpful, a complete 180° opposite to this years experience where our room was pokey and very grubby and had no view whatsoever and the staff, without exception, were rude and disinterested. Everyday we had to ask for more towels, despite them knowing that there were four of us in our room we somehow only ever got towels, coffee and tea supplies and enough cups for two. And asking if it was possible to extend our stay by one extra night was greeted with a blunt, “NO! Where full.”.

Oh well, it’s a small gripe and it didn’t interfere with our enjoyment of Los Angeles.

So, while in Los Angeles we visited…

The Walt Disney Concert Hall. Frank Gehry’s absolutely awesome concert hall is simply nothing short of stunning. Every angle is a sheer delight and totally breath taking, and the reflections of sunlight from it’s shiny metallic surfaces are truly amazing. Contrasting sharply against the brilliant blue LA sky it was majestically beautiful.

The Bradbury Buildings. Amazing restoration of an simply beautiful building.

We also passed by the location of LA Ink aka High Voltage Tattoo.

We also visited the Hollywood Bowl to see Diana Ross who was wonderful. She sang lots of her old classics which got the audience singing along nicely with her. She also changed into some wonderful frocks about six times in the hours performance. It’s a great venue marred only by the appalling parking and simply mind-blowing grid-locked traffic and two VERY large and very rude people taking up four seats in our row, two of which were ours !!! Sitting watching Diana doing her stuff and gazing up at a starlit summers evening sky was simply wonderful. Truly a night to remember.

And we did Disney Land. Did I mention the queues ?? Despite being almost 23 our eldest Charlotte is obsessed with Finding Nemo, and during last years visit to LA she pestered us relentlessly to take her to Disney Land as Disney had recently opened a new Finding Nemo ride. Seeing as this year might be the last time that she holidays with us we thought we’d stay an extra day in LA and ‘do’ Disney Land. It WAS fun I have to admit and I must say that Disney is still magical, especially when you get to meet Mickey in person, but blimey, it was hard work. Despite not arriving at the ticket booth until about lunch time, about 12:30’ish I think after driving down from Hollywood, we still managed to spend almost 12 hours in the park !!! The Nemo ride was wonderful, but after queuing for 70 minutes to ride it some of the magic had worn off just a little. The park is a lot smaller than it’s Florida counter-part and everything is crammed in very tight, which I guess adds to the busy crowded feel. The parade was wonderful and the fireworks and Mickey’s laser show were simply amazing. It was a wonderful but incredibly tiring day, it was great to meet Mickey & Minnie and the rest of the gang too, but it’s one trip which I have no inclination to repeat anytime soon.

Once I’ve emptied my camera I’ll post up some photo’s. Being a photogenic sort of place I’ve collected quite a few pictures as you can imagine…

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3 Responses to Back in old Blighty…

  1. nikkipolani says:

    It seems amazing that the staffat the Ramada were so surly and unhelpful – don’t they know there’s a recession going on? I’m glad your daughter enjoyed Disney. The queues are pretty awful, as I recall, and I haven’t been there in 20 years! You didn’t mention it, but I bet your timeshare was a nice relaxing contrast 😉

  2. Flighty says:

    Goodness me that has passed by quickly!
    I look forward to seeing some of your photos. Cheers!

  3. nikki – hi, yeah, we had a great time in Georgia thanks. The weather was delightful.
    flighty – I know, time sure flies… I’m sorting out some decent pic’s right now, so i’ll be posting shortly.

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