Go West young man…

Four week update.
It’s been almost four weeks now since I started my new job here in the wilds of Hampshire and I think it’s all gone pretty well. I’ve had a week of finding my feet and reading all the company procedures and handbooks etc. I’ve had a weeks training on the tester that I’ll be using the most, followed by a couple of weeks of programming new devices, all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The team here are friendly, the office atmosphere is nice and relaxed and overall it feels good. I think I’m going to enjoy working here.

It’s that time of year when the schools are finishing, swallows are screaming and zipping around and massive rain clouds are starting to gather on the horizon and when everyones thoughts turn to taking a holiday to escape the British summer. Yes, it’s time once again for yours truly and family to head West to visit the Colonies !! As we all enjoyed ourselves so much in California last year, we’ve decided to return again this year to explore it a little more.
Our agenda for this year is…
Spend a few days in L.A. seeing some of the bits we didn’t get to see last year, like taking in Disney Land to keep my 22 year old daughter happy. She LOVES ‘Finding Nemo’ and they have a new underwater ride there. Also we managed to get tickets to see Diana Ross at the Hollywood Bowl !!
We will then take a couple of days to drive up the coast, maybe stopping in Carmel or Big Sur on the way towards our final destination, San Francisco. I think we will have to be a little flexible in where we stop on the way though as California is experiencing yet more raging forest fires and parts of our preferred route have recently been closed because of them.
In San Francisco we’ll be doing the Golden Gate Bridge and of course paying a visit to Alcatraz. Maybe we’ll take a look at Fishermans Wharf too, Golden Gate Park and hopefully the site of the old Sutro Baths.
After gorging ourselves on the delights that California has to offer, we then head back East to our time-share in the North Georgia Mountains, Helen for two weeks of sunshine and peace. The thought of waking up each day with nothing much to do and not having to think about what to wear to keep warm or if I should maybe pack a cardigan or sou’wester just in case it rains is heavenly. Afternoons sat by the pool listening to nothing more than the trees rustling, the birds singing in the woods and the gentle lapping of the water in the pool is a pure delight and it fills my soul to bursting with joy with the very thought of it.

That about wraps it up for today.

I’ll see you all again in about three weeks….

Back in about 35,000 minutes

Back in about 35,000 minutes

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2 Responses to Go West young man…

  1. nikkipolani says:

    How can you help but have a fantabulous time! And we wanna see pics when you get back okay? Enjoy!

  2. Flighty says:

    It’s good to see that you’ve settled into the new job as you have.
    Enjoy your holiday. I don’t envy you the flights but two weeks in the mountains sounds rather good. Cheers!

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