Random things

A quick round-up of recent ‘things’ that have occurred recently.
1. The I.T. guy at my new place, lets call him Phil, ‘cos that’s his name, is a nice but odd character. My manager advised me to take Phil with a large pinch of salt. Nice eh? Personally, I’ve only had positive dealings with the chap… so far. But one odd thing about him that I HAVE noticed is his bizarre collection of ‘things’ on his desk. Now, considering his position within the company, an I.T. expert Phil has the following peculiar items of debris on his desk…
a box of blackcurrant herbal tea bags,
a can of Mr Sheen,
a hair dryer without it’s lead,
a Tupperware box of Celebration chocolates,
a massive bright yellow tape measure,
a scrunched up hi-viz tabard,
a ripped open box of Imodium,
a pair of white plastic sunglasses,
several dirty teaspoons,
and a can of 3-in-1 oil.
2. I’ve watched a couple of good movies recently.
Charlie Wilson’s WarA delightful, often witty film about the covert political machinations involved in bringing about the cessation of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Scary to think that it’s so recent too, and that our troops out there are suffering because of the amount of arms that we and the US put into Afghanistan to help stop the Russians. A good movie though and one to recommend for your ‘to watch’ list.and
Closing The Ring“. A nice war-time tale of a kept promise set in the times of the Irish ‘troubles’ in Belfast. It kept us guessing right to the end.
3. It’s funny how after you’ve driven a newer car than your own one, how different it feels when you drive it again? I rented a brand new 7-seater Zafira the other weekend to transport my daughter home from Uni. It was very capable and carried three adults and about 2 tonnes of Charlie’s rubbish all the way home down the M1 from Leeds. There didn’t seem to any appreciable difference between driving the thing empty or driving it packed from floor to ceiling with household items, handbags and shoes. A very nice car. But….. on getting back into my Megane after dropping of the rental car… whoooooa, it felt so baggy. Everything felt loose and saggy. The gear stick seemed to be stirring jelly, not gears. It felt so weird.
4. I’m on the look-out too for some decent reading material for my upcoming holiday. Has anyone read any good books recently? I like a good thriller eg: Bourne Identity. I don’t mind a good love story either eg: Nicolas Sparks
OK, that’s it for now….
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3 Responses to Random things

  1. Flighty says:

    Unfortunately the very small font size of this entry blurs when I try to read it! Cheers!

  2. nikkipolani says:

    Yeah, what’s with the itty bitty type, Steve? And your friend Phil does have a strange collection. However, it made me reconsider some of the odder assortments in my work area… an electric burner, daylight balanced lights, a test tube with confetti in it, and a paper plate with the remains of some really good pastries.

  3. Flighty – Nikki… sorry about the font, I’m not sure how that happened. Oh well, hopefully it’s readable now?
    Nikki – Your right, an odd assortment.

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