Day one…

Well, that’s day one over with !!

I must say that it went pretty well.

Coming from a BIG multinational, it’s weird that from my desk I can see everyone in the company, well, apart from 8 guys downstairs. Weird eh?

On the upside, I get a new mobile phone, although it’s lost in the building somewhere, and a DELL laptop as part of the ‘tools’ for my work. (wooooo) But on the downside, I can’t access my home emails or my BLOG from the company internet !!! 😦 But hey ho…. it’s all swings and roundabouts I guess.

Most of today was spent reading up on the HR and H&S stuff… [yawn]. Tomorrow I get my hands on one of the testers I’ll be working on though. =:o)

TTFN, bp.

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3 Responses to Day one…

  1. daffy says:

    You’ll have a better feel for the place in a couple of weeks but enjoy getting to know everything and everyone… :o)
    Not being able to access the blog is probably a blessing in disguise… I wish I couldn’t as I’m just not strong enough to not take the occasional sneeky peek!

  2. nikkipolani says:

    I’ve NEVER liked the first day on the job. Were you concerned about working for a small company?

  3. Flighty says:

    The first day at a new job is always a bit of a trial, but I’m sure that you’ll soon settle in! Cheers.

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