The penultimate day…

My desk is now totally cleared, yup, it’s a first for me I must say !!! Feels kind of odd though having a completely clear desk, bare walls and totally empty drawers.  All my personal ‘data’ has been removed from my PC too, being carefully backed up on various CD’s, USB drives and an online data storage site, so my PC now appears to be running a lot quicker than it ever did ??? (Was I abusing it THAT much??) Now it’s just a case of turning up at work and burning up the hours until I leave. Feels like a waste of time. It’s certainly a waste of petrol !!! So, I’m almost out of here. ALMOST !!!

Tonight though, we’re off out.

First we’re eating out at Las Iguanas. They’ve recently opened a place in Gun Wharf Quays near us and are doing a 2-for-1 offer in conjunction with the local newspaper. So tea tonight will be ever so slightly Latin !! Following that we’re off up the road to the theater to see “The Now Show” being taped for BBC Radio 4 !! Tickets were free, which was a bonus. We all love listening to radio comedy at home, so it’ll be a treat to actually be a part of the audience for once. We’ve been in a couple of radio audiences before, once at the Drill Hall in London to see “The Hudson and Pepperdine Show” which is sadly no longer running, and also for “Just A Minute” with Nicholas Parsons, both of which were so funny to see live. So it should be good and I’m quite looking forward to it.

I’ll report back tomorrow on the dinner AND the show !!!


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3 Responses to The penultimate day…

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Ah, the last of the last. At least you’ve had time to pack up and back up. A friend of mine worked at a company that, when you gave notice, you were expected to pack up within the hour. Have a great time at your Latin dinner!

  2. Flighty says:

    I hope that you had a good evening.
    I always found the last day at a place rather strange .
    Anyway have a good weekend! Cheers.

  3. nikki – My Latino dinner was very nice thanks. I had a really nice white bean soup for starters followed by a three bean wrap & fries. This was topped oof with a mascarpone, guava and meringue dessert. All VERY NICE !!!
    At my last place I had just 30 minutes to pack !!! And I was escorted at ALL times too. Awful.
    Flighty – It was a great evening thanks. The meal was good and the show was fantastically funny. [Friday Radio4 18:30]
    It does feel strange today, but I think it’s only because I wont be returning o onday. So far, at 09:00’ish, it feels like just another day and I feel perfectly normal and dare I say it, rather chipper !!!
    Have a good weekend yourself young Sir.

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