Festival thoughts…

One of the things I like about going to the Isle of Wight Festival is not just being able to enjoy the music, but it’s about enjoying the whole atmosphere. Everyone, well, about 99.99% of them, are there to have a good time and almost everyone you bump into during the festival is smiling, happy and friendly. Obviously, with drink available 24/7 over the three days there are a lot of ‘happy’ people around but it’s rare that you see any bad behavior because of it.

So while your there you sort of leave the ‘real’ world behind.

Personally I find that I don’t really think about anything at all while I’m there apart from “Who’s on next?” “Have we got time to grab a coffee?” and “What shall I have for dinner/tea/supper?”

On Saturday afternoon the sun was shining, I was laying on my back having just eaten a scrumptious falafel wrap and became aware that I was just looking at the clouds and I began seeing all kinds of funny shapes in them. Bunnies. Snails. Dogs. All sorts of ‘animals’ just floated by to a gentle background of music and crowd noise. It was delightful.

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5 Responses to Festival thoughts…

  1. Flighty says:

    All that and good weather! Good to see that you had such an enjoyable weekend. Cheers!

  2. daffy says:

    I’ve peroused your pics and they are great! Looks as though you all had the best time.
    Sting looks good…

  3. assortedpixels says:

    Flighty – the weather was ok, we were very lucky. Even though it wasn’t blazing sun we all got a bit of colour in our cheeks.

    daffy – Glad you liked the pic’s. Your right, Sting looked pretty darned ‘fit’ I must say. The other two guys looked like old men, but Sting looked about 20 years younger than them.

  4. daffy says:

    Tantric sex. Allegedly :o)

  5. Allegedly !!! And all that yoga must make him very flexible too… what a combination eh ???

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